Swiss Ball Training for Strength – The TRUTH

One more day and Im off to vacation with my girlfriend in the beautiful Dominican Republic.


As much as I love my clients and my work, I’m looking forward to getting away for a while. Plus, my girlfriend and I could use some good quality time together.


Before heading off, I wanted you to see this interview I did with my good friend and fellow strength coach Lorne Goldenberg. Lorne is one of the most experienced, respected and sought after coaches to come out of Canada.


He doesnt have any DVDs so its a rare oppurtunity to see this gus show his stuff on video. So be sure to pay close attention to what he and I have to say.


This is the second video in a three part series. I will post part 3 tomorrow before I fly out.


Part one is reserved for my newsletter subscribers. So, if you want to see part one, sign up at the top of the page. Its FREE!


Enjoy the video!