Bigger, Stronger Legs with a Big Tire

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Big Legs and Big Tires


Here at Performance U, we pride ourselves on being cutting edge!


So, I’m happy to introduce to you, the latest and most high tech training device… a big tire.


Okay, I know that using a tire is not new or cutting edge.


However, it is an extremely effective and fun way to develop lower body strength, increase leg/hip muscle and improve overall work capacity (conditioning).


You may be thinking that I’m going to talk about tire flips.




Personally, I’m not a huge fan of tire flips. I will get into that in another upcoming post.


For now, I’m going to focus on another aspect of tire training.


In this type of tire training you use the tire as a weight sled.


In my next few posts, I’m going to provide you with some really cool and very effctive ways to use a tire.


Get ready to get outside, get more tan, get stronger, get a killer workout and have allot of fun doing it!




My next post will show you how to make a tire BETTER than the Prowler!