Back Pain and Evolution. Is there a link?

One of the members of posted a link to this video on one of the formus I started.

The subject of the forum was lumbar flexion. Is it good or bad?

Over the weekend, I did a podacst interview with Coach Mike Boyle and Charlie Weingroff. We discussed the pros and cons of using lumbar flexion exercsies like yoga, inchworms and reverse crunches in a strength & conditioning program.

You can listen to the entire interview FREE  on iTunes. I will hit you with the info on how to find it tomorrow.

During the interview, we discussed the subject of back pain and the wide spread of it in the US. This brings me to the below video.

Many folks suffer from back pain and we are commonly told that it’s mostly due to our poor lifestyle habits, posture and a lack of activity.

Although I don’t disagree with that, many healthy and fit people also suffer from back pain.

This video below explains why we as humans may be predisposed to back pain regardless of what we do.

This video does not necessarily display my personal views on the subject. I just think this theory is very interesting and worth pondering.

Check it out!!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this evolutionary theory.

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