Core Training… Gladiator Style

Man, the feedback on the Tight Rotation core training series has been amazing! . I’m still getting daily emails from coaches, trainers, athletes and exercise enthusiasts who are raving about this new core training exercise progression. . If you have yet to see the Tight Rotation progression series. . Go here to see Tight Rotation Level 1, Click here to see Tight Rotation Level 2 and click here to see the Tight Rotation Level 3. . In the video below, you will see how we here at Performance U take the concept of the Tight Rotation exercise and apply it Gladiator style! – – Are you applying the Tight Rotation Abdominal Training progression? . Comment below and let me know how you are using this protocol? – Id love to hear about your own versions of the Tight Rotation or of the Gladiator Twist. – –