As many coaches are aware these days, stretching the posterior shoulder capsule is crucial to maintaining the shoulder health in certain athletes. Especially overhead athletes like tennis players, baseball players and quarter backs. Weight lifters can also benefit from this protocol as well.


There are many sites that discuss the sleeper stretch. But, in my opinion, Dan Blewett has by far the best and most thorough description of how to safely and effectively stretch the posterior shoulder capsule using the sleeper stretch.

Go here to check out Dan’s coaching tips on performing the sleeper stretch.

In addition to Dan Blewett’s post on the best way to perform the sleeper stretch, check out the video below and discover a simple method I use to test if an athlete actually has a tight posterior capsule.

There is one key point to understand about the sleeper stretch as it relates to the above test.

Even if you don’t test “tight”, but still experience restricted limited ROM while performing the sleeper stretch. It still may be important for you to use the sleeper stretch protocol as described in Dan’s blog.

Your restriction may simply not be related to the posterior shoulder capsule. But, rather be related to other shoulder structures be it passive or active. Regardless the sleeper stretch can still benefit you and  improve the functional ability and overall health of your shoulders.