I’m excited about today’s post because I’ve got two very cool things to show you! Both of which happen to be created by one very cool and very smart guy. And, that guy is my good friend and colleague Bret Contreras. . Bret is known for his nick name – “the Glute Guy” – because he has done some amazing research on Glute training in his Glute Book. If you don’t already know – Bret is the guy who invented the Hip Thrust exercise everyone in-the-know is using these days… myself included. . On May 14-16th in Kansas City, MO – Bret and I will be presenting at the 2010 JP Fitness Summit together along with such names as Nutrition Guru – Alan Aragon and famous book author – Lou Schuler, to name a few! . Bret recently put together this entertaining video about this year’s 2010 JP Fitness Summit. Check it out… it will make you laugh and want to be a part of this incredible event! . . This event is going to be a unlike anything else you’ve attended! So, go the the 2010 JP Fitness Summit website and book your spot before it sells out! .

Okay, now we can talk about the BEST Lower-Body Strength Exercises!

. In this video below, Bret Contreras uses EMG to evaluate which lower-body strength exercises are the best at recruiting specific muscles in the legs and hips. You have got to check this video out! . . This video above shows you the real-world application of EMG research and provides you with the exact mean and peak muscle activation created by a variety of Deadlift and Squat variations. The education gained from this short video is priceless! Plus, you get to see Bret in Spandex shorts and Fohawk hairstyle! .

Don’t forget to come see Bret and I, live and in color at the 2010 JP Fitness Summit! Hope to see you there!

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