Listen to my new Figure Training interview…FREE!

Alli and I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kevin Larabee of the hugely popular Fitcast.

You can listen to our entire interview free on itunes or Mp3 download here. Our interview starts at the 1hr mark.


In this interview, Alli and I revealed all the details of how we got her into sick shape for her figure competitions.


Here are just a few things you will learn in this interview:

– The exact training split Alli uses when transforming her physique

– How we combined conditioning and strength training to maximize fat loss and prevent overtraining

– How we undulated our cardio/conditioning training for  better results

– Some of the creative interval training workouts we used to “keep things interesting”

– Key advice every female needs to know about getting started with Figure training and figure competitions

– What Alli did to still lift heavy and get a smaller, leaner, stage ready physique

And, plenty more killer training for Figure competitors and figure athletes!


Go here to listen to our entire Fitcast interview or click on the logo below. Again, Alli and I come on at the 1hr mark of this Fitcast episode.