Today, I’ve got two great 10 min Airdyne Bike workouts to tell you about. But, first I have to mention my experience speaking at the 2010 JP Fitness Summit this past weekend. . Alli and I just returned from an incredibly fun and informative weekend in Kansas City at the 2010 JP Fitness Summit. I can honestly say – if you weren’t there, you should have been! You won’t find a better group of speakers and attendees than what you’ll get at the JP Fitness Summit. So, make sure you are there next year! . I would like to thank Nick Bromberg for having my as one of the presenters, for being such a good host and for putting together such a great list of speakers. I’d also like to thank David Bromberg for cabbing me, Alli and the rest of the presenters around all weekend. Also, thanks to everyone who attended! – You all really made it a wonderful and  very memorable experience for us! You all will definitely being seeing me on the JP Fitness forums from now on! . Now that I’ve got my thank you’s out of the way, let’s talk about how to get a great Airdyne Bike workout in just 10 minutes! .

10min Airdyne Bike Workouts

. If you’re like me, you don’t like to do long cardio type workouts. I like to hit it hard and fast, then go home! That my friends is the essence of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). .

If you’re looking for some new, battlet-tested Airdyne Bike workouts guaranteed to accelerate metabolism, scorch body fat, improve mental toughness and build the conditioning needed to outlast the competition – These two Airdyne Bike workouts will be just what the doctor ordered!

. Both of these workouts are based on a pyramid principle. As the Intensity of each High-Intensity Interval increases, the duration decreases. .

10 Min Airdyne Workout #1

. 2 min – Easy Ride 1min – Hard ride 1min – Easy ride 45 sec – Hard ride 1:15 min – Easy ride 30 sec – Hard ride 1:30 min – Easy ride 15 sec – Hard ride 1:45 min – easy ride .

Airdyne Workout #2

. 2min – Easy ride 15 sec – Hard ride 1:45 min – Easy ride 30 sec – Hard ride 1:30 min – Easy ride 45 sec – Hard ride 1:15 – Easy ride 1 min – Hard ride 1min – Easy ride . If you hadn’t noticed – These two workouts are the inverse of each other. Workout #1 requires you to go hard for the longest time frame in the beginning and gradually increases the rest as you progress through. Workout #2 does just the opposite. As you progress through, you’re required to work hard for a longer period of time. . Both of these workouts are completely self regulated. Just go as hard as you can on the hard rides and do your best to compose your breathing during the easy rides. . I like both workouts because they are simple to understand, easy to remember. And, of course, both are very effective at boosting metabolism and improving conditioning levels! .

Program Design  Tip – Alternate these two 10min Airdyne Bike workouts each time you interval train.


No Airdyne bike – No problem!

. Both of these 10 minute, High-Intensity Interval workouts can easily be use with a Treadmill, Spinning Bike, Rowing machine or applied to an outdoor running/sprinting workout. . For more great Airdyne Bike Workout ideas, check out this post on Coach Mike Boyle’s Blog. .

Give each of these 10min Airdyne Bike workouts a try and tell us about your experience on the comment section.

Also, tell us about your favorite HIIT workouts!

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