If you don’t know about the Pallof Press: It’s one of the best Anti rotation core training exercises you can do. I’ve taken the traditional Pallof Press anti rotation exercise and applied to a 3D model. This thought process has helped me to develop two brand new variations of Pallof Press. One of which – the Vertical Pallof Press – I’m going to share with you in today’s post. The other variation is coming to you soon as well. . To see how the traditional Pallof Press exercise is done – Watch this video of my good friend and colleague Tony Gentilcore. My man Tony G has a great Blog with lots of great training info and lots more cool videos. .

The Pallof Press Exercise

. Now that you understand how to do the Traditional Pallof Press to improve your anti rotation core strength – Here’s how you can use my Pallof Press variation to improve the function of your anterior abdominals to resist trunk extension. I call this version the Vertical Pallof Press. .

The Performance U – Vertical Pallof Press Exercise


The Vertical Pallof press is one of the popular abs exercises among myself and my clients.

Give the new, Vertical Pallof Press exercise a try and post your comments!