Discover over 100 innovative exercises for building muscle and strength while sparring your joints and working-around wounded knees, shell-shocked shoulders, a hand/wrist limitation, or a bad back.


An injury, joint pain or limitation doesn’t have to cancel your workout. This 2-DVD set shows you how to use Joint Friendly Strength Training exercises to spare your joints, work around sensitive spots and still make gains in strength and performance!

You’ll Discover:

– Over 100 innovative joint sparing exercises.

– How to build stronger legs with bad knees: Use these moves if weighted squats, lunges or step-ups hurt your knees.

 – The best upper-body exercises for bad shoulders: Use these moves if your shoulders are aggravated by the bench press or over-head lifts.

–  How to build superior strength while “working around” a bad back: Use these exercises if back issues prevent you from doing loaded squats and deadlifts.

–  The Best and Worst core exercises for a bad back!

– How to add load and get stronger even if you can’t hold weights due to a hand/wrist limitation.

–  Simple, easy-to-use training strategies to help injury-proof your strength program.

–  Plus much more practical training techniques you can immediately use!

Free Bonus: 7 Best Joint Friendly Cardio/Conditioning Workouts


You’ll also receive an additional bonus video featuring the Performance U: Top 7 Joint Friendly Cardio/Conditioning workout methods. 

Use these 7 Joint Friendly Cardio/Conditioning workout methods to work-around Bad Knee’s and other common issues to successfully Accelerate metabolism, Burn Body Fat and Increase your endurance.

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Joint Friendly Strength Training 2-DVD set.


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