This DVD represents the Performance U training system for increasing Joint Mobility and Improving movement control.


You’ll Discover:

– The simple and safe method we use in the Performance U system for joint mobility and movement control.

– How to better benefit from Joint Mobility and Muscle Activation exercises by pairing them in this systematic way! And, why using mobility drills alone may be less effective.

– Our Best MAPS for Hip Mobility.

– Our “Go-To” MAPS for Ankle Mobility.

– Our Top MAPS for Thoracic Spine Mobility.

– How MAPS can easily be used to  to enhance the results of your Warm-Up, Corrective Exercise or Cool Down routine.

– Many new Joint Mobility & Muscle Activation drills.

 DVD Preview

The DVD Break-Down

In MAPS DVD Disc #1, I’ll show you our Secrets of Self Joint Mobilization, which we use to quickly and easily improve Range of motion in the Ankles, Hips, Shoulders and Thoracic Spine.

In MAPS DVD Disc #2, I’ll show you to use Mobility + Activation Paired Sets (MAPS) to ensure you get the out of your mobility drills.

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