Sample Upper-Body Dynamic Warm Up & FREE Controversial Audio Interview

Today, I’m hitting you with a double whammy of smarter, real-world strength & conditioning training information!


First, here’s live footage of the Dynamic Warm Up I’ve been using to prepare for my upper-body workouts.


Second, go here to listen to my latest FREE (for a limited time) Audio interview with Coach Jim Kielbaso for his killer website Ultimate Strength & Conditioning.


If you like honesty, controversy and discovering new training concepts and techniques – this interview is just what the doctor ordered!


In this interview, I cover topics like:

– What I think of “sciencey” type trainers

– The “ora of legitimicy” and why many trainers get duped by it

– The REAL TRUTH about “CNS Activation” and “Muscle Activation” drills

– What my dad taught me about “experts”

– My favorite knee friendly lunge variation to use with both injured and healthy athletes

– And much more!


This interview is only FREE for a very short time. So, go here now and listen before it’s made private to only Jim’s website members.