5 Fitness Tests for Women – Strength & Cardio Testing for Females

Today’s post is directed toward females fitness enthusiasts and to personal trainers who train female athletes.


We can all probably name a few women who are sexy and lean looking, but ask them to perform a basic strength exercises and their true colors come shining through – they’re all show and no “go.”


To make sure you’re not just getting leaner and sexier, but also stronger and more functionally fit, you should schedule some regular fitness testing into your workout calendar every four to six weeks.


In the new August 2011 issue of Oxygen (pg.92-97) – I’ve given you 5 simple (but, not easy) fitness tests we use here at Performance U to ensure that your time in the gym is positively translating strength & conditiong-wise.


LADIES – Pick up this issue of Oxygen, take the tests and comment below to let me know how you scored! I’ll also be happy to help you improve by answering questions you may have.



The 5 fitness tests:

– one for upper-body push strength

– one for upper-body pull strength and symmetry

– one for lower body strength and symmetry

– And, two tests for cardio/conditioning


TEST YOUR ABS – 2 Bonus Tests!

Oxygen and I have provided you two additional bonus tests. Go here to Oxygen’s website to TEST YOUR ABS now!


Each fitness test contains:

– Your base exercise

– Beginner and intermediate versions (if needed)

– Testing scorecards

– Tips on how to improve


Get you copy of the August 2011 issue of Oxygen magazine today and discover if you need to step up your training game, plus how can improve!