The Hands Free Side Abs Plank – New Core Exercise!

Today, I’ve going to show you a very cool new core exercise, which I’m using a lot these days!


A friend of mine, Tyler Joyce DPT, owner the Neurac Institute and instructor for RedCord USA,  demonstrated a version of this exercise using the RedCord therapy apparatus.  I liked the exercise concept so much that I developed my own version, which as you’ll see in the videos below, can be done using only a pad and a bench. I’ve named it “The Hands Free Side Plank.”


The Hands Free Side Plank In Action!

Here’s my long-time client and co-star of my Self Myofascial Release DVD: Lacey Morley performing the Hands Free Side Plank during one of her workouts.


How to Do the Hands Free Side Plank

Here’s a quick tutorial, where I take you step-by-step on how to safely and effectively perform the Hands Free Side Plank. In this video, I also give you a few training tips and progression method to increase the difficulty.


Try this Elbow Plank Variation!

While I’m on the subject of Side Abs Planks – Here’s a cool Side Elbow Plank variation we also use here at Performance U.