Are you making this critical CORRECTIVE EXERCISE MISTAKE?

Whether you’re doing some sort of movement assessment or using “corrective exercises” to improve a specific movement pattern that you’ve decided needs improvement.  A common mistake Coach Jim Kielbaso (owner of Ultimate Strength & Conditioning) and I often find fitness professionals make is confusing “a lack of awarenss for a lack of ability.”

Check out this video of Jim Kielbaso and I giving some great corrective exercise tips!


I often hear fitness professionals talking about “how much time they save in training by using an assessment.” But, what I’ve often seen happen is these same fitness professionals still end up wasting a significant amount of training time (theirs and their client’s) performing “corrective exercises” when the client was already ABLIE to perform the movement pattern well, because they never made their client AWARE of what “good form” was, and failed to ask them to “now try it this way.”

In our own training at Performance U, we’ve found that many people do indeed have the ability to successfully perform certain movement patterns once we’ve made them aware of how we’d like them to move. If they are able to immediately change the way they move (from sub-optimal to optimal) after you’ve simply made them aware – You’ve just performed the quickest and most effective “corrective exercise” training that’s humanly possible!

 I think one of the other key take-home points that Jim made in the video was, “They can DO what the correction was (i.e. successfully perform corrective exercise), but they still CAN’T do the actually movement.”

In other words, we (Jim and I) don’t feel that corrective exercises are alone the solution to improving the movement patterns we desire to improve. We feel that most of time you’ve just got to  “coach them up” and be patient by giving them time to “learn” how to do it naturally.


Jim Kielbaso is one of the smartest Coach I know!

Put simply, if you’re not already familiar with Coach Jim Kielbaso‘s work, you absolutely should be!

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