Self Myofascial Release for FOREARMS – 2 Great Self Massage Exercises

If you’re into heavy lifting, grappling, moto-cross, or any other sports, which requires heavy grip strength – You’re going to LOVE today’s post!

I’m showing you my two favorite ways to use self massage to reduce forearm tension/tightness and help your gripping muscles better recover from intense use.

My Top 2 Self Myofascial Release for FOREARMS methods

Using a Tennis Ball

Check out this awesome video of my great friend, and world renowned physical therapists – Mark Comerford demonstrating how to use a tennis ball a great self myofascial release tool for your forearm.

The ForeArmRX

Yes! This a product you’d have to buy. NO! I’m not an affiliate. I just think it’s an awesome product that offers better forearm relief than other methods I’ve tried. That’s why I’m sharing it with you.

I first discovered the ForeArmRX a few years ago at a climbing gym here in Florida. Ever since I first used it, I was sold.

Here’s a video about the ForeArmRX …

There you have it…

Those are my top 2 ways of doing Self Myofascial release for the forearms.

The tennis ball is a great method. And, of course it’s cheap, fast and easy. But, if you’re willing to spend some $ to get a few ForeArmRx devices in your gym, I can promise that your athletes will love it as much as I do!