5-Minute WARM-UP for Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding workouts

At Performance U, we believe a good weight lifting (& bodybuilding) workout starts with a good dynamic warm up! Our dynamic warm ups included dynamic stretching along with muscle activation and joint mobility drills.

Unlike sporting athletes, we’ve found that most of the bodybuilders and muscle-building enthusiasts we’ve worked with aren’t doing much for their weightlifting warm up, aside from just walking on the treadmill. That is, until they work with us.

Check out the video (below) we did with MuscleMag, which provides one of our favorite 5- minute dynamic warm up routines for weightlifting. You’ll see my great friend and competitive bodybuilder Alejandro (Alex) Cambronero demonstrating one of the most popular bodybuilding warm up routines among our physique athletes because they can use it as a lower-body workout warm up or as an upper-body workout warm up, since it gets every part of their body moving!

Workout Warm Up Notes:

– The video (above) demonstrated one of our total-body warm up routines, which can be used as a general weight training warm up regardless of what you’re focusing on in the gym that day.

– For a specific Upper-Body warm up for strength training, go here.

– For a specific Lower-Body warm up for weight lifting, go here.

Weather you’re looking for a comprehensive bodybuilding warm up; a warm up for weight lifting; a general workout warm up, or just interested in learning more about dynamic warm ups and dynamic stretches, this post along with the resources I’ve linked above will be just what your warm up routine doctor ordered!


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