Wide Grip Bent Over Rows – Performance U Style!

Before I cover our Bent Over row form tips, I’ve got to (quickly) tell you about the great weekend I just had in Toronto teaching at Jon Goodman’s 1st ever PTDC Hybrid Training Seminar 2012, which had a heck of a turn out of some seriously smart and passionate trainers.

The first day of event, I had the honor of co-presenting a Pre-Confernece workshop on Core Training with Tony Gentilcore.

On the second day, there was a great mix of classes from myslef (on Hybrid Fat Loss Training); from Mark Young (on improving compliance); from Tony Gentilcore (on Shoulders & Deadlifts); from Jon Goodman (on FaceBook Marketing); from Geoff Girvitz (on Group Strength & Conditioning); and from Dan Trink (on Program Design).

Along with the conference attendees and presenters, we all had an eventful weekend learning together, laughing together and eating together as one big fitness family!

BIG THANKS to Jon Goodman of the PTDC for making it all happen!

Now lets get to the exercise of the day…

Wide Grip Bent Over Rows – Performance U Style!

At Performance University, when we want to help our clients strengthen their mid-back muscles with a big-bang exercise for the Rhomboids, Mid Traps, Lower Traps & Rear Delts – We have them perform wide grip Bent over rows like this…

Coaching Tips:

– We also like wide grip rowing variations like Inverted Rows performed like this for emphasizing the mid-back muscles.

– We use underhand grip Barbell rows when going heavy, but like to go a bit lighter, and use a higher rep range (10-15) for the wide-grip rows.

– The reps are kept higher when we’re targeting the mid-back to improve hypertrophy in the mid-back muscles. Plus, we’ve found it helps our clients improve their ability to “feel” and “control” their mid-back muscles, which are often lengthen for long periods of time when sitting at work.

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