2 New Ways to Use a Trap Bar for Personal Trainers & Coaches

I just returned from an amazing weekend with our Sorinex family at the 2012 NSCA National Conference… helping Personal Trainers & Strength Coaches get more “physically cultured.”

One of the highlights of the trip was talking shop with iron game legend: Richard Sorin who always has some uniques ideas for fitness trainers and coaches to use to enhance their strength training workouts.

Check out this great article our friends from the Diesel Crew did on Richard Sorin.

 The Trap Bar Shoulder Press & How to Turn a Trap Bar into & a 4 Way Neck Machine

Here’s a very cool video of Richard Sorin showing us 2 new ways to use a Trap Bar and why the Sorinex Trap Bar is designed the way it is…

 Until Richard schooled me, I never understood why the Sorinex Trap Bar was designed as long as it is. Now we all know they designed it that way to help us maximize the value of our equipment and space!

Our Trap Bar is our 4 Way Neck Machine!

As a big believers in active neck strength training; at Performance U, we’re all about using our trap bar as a four way neck machine to enhance neck strength and size. Plus, it saves us a lot of money and space from buying a large and expensive neck machine. Not to mention, the trap bar shoulder press is a another great neutral grip overhead pressing variation we’re happy to now have in our Personal Trainer tool box!