Dumbbell Squat + RDL Combo Exercise

The dumbbell squat is a great exercise! And…

…The dumbbell RDL is also a great exercise!

Here’s how we like to put these two great lower-body exercises together into one comprehensive combination exercise…

Dumbbell Squat + RDL Combo


Coaching tips on using the Dumbbell Squat + RDL Combo Exercise:

– This exercise does NOT replace our other Barbell Squat and Deadlift variations! We like to use this move toward the end of our lower-body or total-body workouts since the weight load used is not nearly as high as what one can lift on a barbell RDL or barbell squat.

– We usually perform 2-4 sets of 5-7 reps. One RDL + One Squat = 1 Rep!

Personal Trainers: We’ve found this combination lower-body exercise works great for our beginner clients!

– Since we all move a bit differently, we coach our clients to only squat and RDL as low as they can control. DUH!

– If you go heavy (relative to YOUR strength level), we’ve found this combo exercise also helps to build up your grip and upper-trapezius!

– We’ve also used this move as a high-rep workout “finisher” by going lighter (on the load of the dumbbells) and increasing the reps to around 12-15.

– Occasionally we’ll add in a shoulder shrug at the top of each RDL along with a calf raise at the top of each squat to bring more muscle into the game!

– Head Position: We don’t worry if our clients feel more comfortable “looking up” a bit when doing RDLs for a lack of anecdotal and scientific evidence that we should.

– If using heavier dumbbells, you may have to use wrist wraps so your grip doesn’t limit the reps your lower-body can do. That said, we do recommend doing a few sets without wraps to help “build up” your grip. Example: If we’re doing 4 total sets; we’ll do 2 sets with wraps and 2 set without.

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