New Shoulder Press Variation for Personal Trainers

The Shoulder Press is a classic, battle-tested exercise that has universal application in fitness, physique and performance training! Bodybuilders use the dumbbell overhead press to build big shoulders. Strength & performance athletes use the overhead press to improve (and display) their strength. And, us Personal Trainers use the shoulder press with our clients and athletes to improve their shoulder strength, stability and physical appearance!

Here’s iron game legend: Richard Sorin – the creator of Sorinex – showing us a super-cool (and very effective) NEW version of the shoulder press he developed. This move has become our new favorite Dumbbell Overhead Press variation and we’re sure it’ll become yours too!

Personal Trainer Coaching Tips:

– Like any other exercise; we don’t use overhead pressing exercises with everyone. We fit the exercises to our clients based on their ability and health history.

– When using overhead pressing; we prefer the dumbbell overhead press over the barbell shoulder press because the dumbbells allow us to press overhead using a neutral grip. This is why were big fans of Richard’s band shoulder press exercise since it also involves the neutral shoulder/grip position.

– Although it’s preferred to use a similar equipment set up as Richard displayed in the (above) video; any type of resistance band will due, and you don’t “need” the handles (over the band) as you can just hold onto the band itself and press away!

– We adjust the width of the bands to fit the shoulder width and preferences of each individual.

– If you like the kettlebell bottoms up press, you’ll love this move too!


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