Improve Crossfit Workouts: Move Like a Human-Perform Like a Beast!

At Performance U, we have NO affiliation with Crossfit. That said, I was asked to contribute to this article titled Move Like a Human-Perform Like a Beast in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of  SWEAT RX magazine on how to improve Crossfit workouts.

Cover of the NOV/DEC 2012 Issue – The article is on pg.72-77.

Now, many hardcore CF’ers may want to think that a non-CF follower (such as myself) isn’t qualified to comment on CF. And, they’re absolutely correct! That’s why my contributions to the article aren’t about CF – They’re about the basic, foundational movement concepts that every athlete can (and should) incorporate into their training.

 Click here (or on the image below) to read the article: MOVE LIKE A HUMAN, PERFORM LIKE A BEAST!