Breathing Exercise B.S., Foam Rolling the Shoulders & 5 MMA Exercises

Whether you’re looking for the Performance U approach to using corrective breathing exercises, or foam roller exercises for your shoulders, or to learn some of the top MMA exercise applications we’ve used with fighters – Today’s post has got something for everyone.

The Performance U View on Corrective Breathing Exercises

There is currently much talk among personal trainers about using specific breathing retraining exercises as a special form of “corrective therapy” – beyond as a general relaxation or stress reduction method as commonly done in Yoga –  and claiming that using these special (belly) breathing retraining exercises can essentially “fix” what they believe are various “dysfunctions.”

In this video, which is a clip from the CORE TRAINING: Facts, Fallacies & Top Techniques 3-DVD set, I explain why the Performance U approach to training doesn’t involve jumping on the Corrective Breathing Bandwagon and why the common claims associated with using these special breathing exercises is highly questionable at best. I also explain what the Performance U personal training priorities are (instead).

 Additionally, here’s a video I took while attending one of Mark Comerford‘s workshops, where he discusses the 3-types of breathing, and why he doesn’t feel its a good idea  – and we agree – (even in rehabilitation situation) to attempt to eliminate any particular type of breathing, as some fitness and rehabilitation professional recommend.

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