Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to “pump iron” to build muscle. To build muscle you need to create a training stimulus that elicits the 3 mechanisms for muscle growth. In other words, building muscle isn’t about the specific exercises you do — it’s about the specific stimulus you create.

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 The Build Muscle Without Weights Workout program is designed to provide the exercise enthusiast — not the beginner — with a wide-variety of creative and challenging iron-free exercise protocols, and shows you exactly how to put them together to create an effective workout program for increasing muscle and breaking fitness plateaus wherever you are — no barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, or machines required.

Watch this video for an Overview of The Build Muscle Without Weights Workout:

Who is this program for?

The Build Muscle Without Weights program isn’t just for the busy exercise enthusiast training primarily at home or on the road, nor is it just for those that prefer iron-free training modalities. It’s also for the hard training exerciser looking to mix things up and take on a new, unique workout challenge.

Even weight-training enthusiasts and fitness professionals not interested in following the enclosed training plan step-by-step will still benefit a great deal from the techniques and concepts used in this program.

From this program, the exercise enthusiast will:

• Discover a wide variety of new, challenging exercises that can be immediately integrated into any workout to spice up your training at the gym, at-home, on the road, or outdoors.

• Be able to use any of the workouts from this program individually for times you can’t make it to the gym or don’t have access to one.

• Be able to put together your own mix of exercises from this program to do an “iron-free” workout once or twice per week, to add some variety to your regular weight-training oriented training days.

From this program, the fitness professional will:

• Learn new exercise variations, protocols, and workout strategies that can be integrated into any individual, semi-private, or bootcamp training situation, which clients will be challenged from and enjoy doing.

• Be able to implement new workout concepts and techniques to help more advanced clients stay on track while they’re away.

• Be exposed to new program design elements for putting iron-free exercises together with traditional training methods, and learn how a wide variety of iron-free exercises can be safely progressed.

Furthermore, while the non-fitness professional will appreciate the simplicity and easy to follow nature of this program, veteran fitness professionals will recognize the effectiveness of the methods and gain a fresh view on programming for muscle-building. So regardless of your knowledge base, this program has more than enough for you!

This isn’t a “Bodyweight” Only Training Program

Although this program focuses on bodyweight training exercises, this isn’t exclusively a bodyweight training program. This program uses a few pieces of cost effective and space-efficient training equipment that 1) you can find at most gyms, and 2) every serious home-exerciser should own.

These are:

  • High quality Resistance bands
  • Stability ball (55-65cm)
  • Pull-up bar
  • Suspension trainer or rings

Since certain traveling situations may not provide access to a stability ball, a pull-up bar, or a suspension trainer, a Hotel Room version of this program has also been provided with exclusively bodyweight and band exercises — bands varieties are very portable and add a tremendous number of effective exercise options to your iron-free training workouts. This way you can keep up with the program, even if you’re training in the confines of a hotel room.


Here’s one of the circuits from The Build Muscle Without Weights Workout:

Here’s one of the circuits from the Hotel Version of The Build Muscle Without Weights Workout using exclusively bodyweight and band exercises:

You’ll get:

– 15 Different Workout Charts featuring the exact sets and reps you’ll perform for each exercise in each workout.

– The 4 DVDs providing step-by-step instruction.

– 2 Versions of this 8-week workout plan: A Home/Gym version and a Hotel Room version

– The Comprehensive Training Manual (200+ pages) 

– The Nutritional Guide with simple, realistic eating strategies and sample meal plan for both men and women.

– The Recommended Food Chart

BMWW Workout Program


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