The AGH (Abs, Glutes and Hamstrings) Finisher

First off, anything you do at the end to finish a workout can be classified as a “finisher.” Semantics aside, I used to use the terms finisher synonymously with conditioning, but I now use the terms to describe different methods.

Put simply, conditioning protocols are most about your heart pounding and lungs working overtime, whereas the finishers, like the one I’m providing below, are more geared towards getting certain muscles groups pumped and burning.

Stability-Ball AGH Finisher

AGH stands for Abs, Glutes and Hamstrings, which are the muscle groups this finisher really hits. Grab a well-inflated 55-65cm stability ball and perform the following eight exercises back-to-back, without rest:

  • Stability Ball Plate Crunch x 10-20 reps
  • Stability Ball Hamstring Hatrick (three different exercises)  x 10-20 reps or each exercise
  • Stability Ball Abs Tri-set (three different exercises) x 10-20 reps or each exercise
  • Stability Ball Reverse Hip Extension x 20-30 reps

I gernerally recommend performing 1 to 2 sets with 2 to 3 minutes rest between sets.

Coaching Tips and Videos for Each Exercise in the Stability-Ball AGH Finisher

Stability Ball Plate Crunch – In the first part of my Griities abs moves artcle I discussed how to not do this exercises like a dumbass.

Stability Ball Hamstring Hatrick – This protocol involves three exercises: Leg Curls, Toes on Ball Hip Lifts, and Bent Leg Hip Lifts. The Hip Lift with Toes on Ball is a unique exercises that involves lying in a supine position with your knees bent 15 degrees and the balls of your feet on top of the stability ball. Raise your hips into the air, extending from your hips, not your lower back. Slowly lower your hips until just before they touch the floor and repeat.  Do not overextend at your lower back at any time.

Stability Ball Abs Tri-Set – This protocol involves three exercises: Arcs, Rollouts and Knee Tucks. When performing both the Arcs and Rollouts, drive the ball away from you by extending your arms overhead as if diving into a pool. Push the ball out as far as you can without allowing your head or lower back to sag toward the floor. Do not flex at your hips at any time.

Stability Ball Reverse Hip Extension –Set-up so your hips are resting overtop the apex of the ball. As you lift you legs up, make sure the extension motion is coming primarily from your hips, not your lower-back. Stop once your legs form a straight-line with your torso.

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