Testosterone (T-Nation) Articles

Unconventional Workout – Triceps

Unconventional Workout – Biceps

3 Work-Arounds for Physique Success

6 New Tabata Workouts for Fast Fat Loss

Use Your Strong Hand – Advanced Grip Training

The TRUTH About Olympic Lifts

Big Gains with Active Recovery

A New Angle On Cable Training

How Not To Warm Up

Everything Pushups

Neck Training For Improved Strength and Performance

Making Gains With Pain

Mid-Range Partials for the Best Pump of Your Life

Contrast Training for Size, Strength and Power

5 New Exercises

Big Lats!

Joint Friendly Strength Training

How Strong Are Your Abs, Really?

Leg Circuits & Leg Complexes

Farmers Walks for Fat Loss

Unconventional Workout – Abs


Testosterone (T-Nation) Article Interviews

Advice You Don’t Want to Hear

Mythbusters vol. 2

Mythbusters vol. 3

Mythbusters vol. 5

Tmuscle Twitter – Fat Loss Edition Vol 2

Tmuscle Twitter – Cool Tricks Addition

Tmuscle Twitter – Short Answers to Short Questions

How I Train


FitnessRX for Women

Lunges for Better Legs and Glutes: Knee-friendly variations

Cardio or Strength Training: Which Should You Do First?

Get SMITen: Is It Better Than HIIT?

Cardio Trainability and Genetic Makeup: Discovering Your Unique Fitness Needs

Get Lean With Polarized Training: Drop Fat, Keep Muscle with Low-High Method


FitnessRX for Men

Bigger and Stronger Legs with Single Leg Squats w/ Knee Tap

Grab the Handle this way for Better Biceps Curls

Men’s Health Articles

Best New Exercise – Core Wall March

Best New Exercise – Upright Bird Dog

Reach for Bigger Results!

Go Stronger for Longer!

The Metabolic Edge

More Gain, No Pain


Men’s Fitness Articles

Add One Inch to Your Arms

Gain Muscle, Burn Fat


Muscle & Fitness Articles

Contrast Training for Muscle

The Ten-Ton Workout


FIGHT! Magazine

A Neck Above the Rest


Wanna Be Big Articles

Plank Progressions for Killer Abs

How to Get Big Legs with Bad Knees

Upper-Body Warm Up for Weight Lifters

Lower-Body Warm Up for Weight Lifters

Power Up Your Back Workout


Women’s Health Magazine Articles

Get A Bikini Belly At Work!

The Perfect Stretch


Figure Athlete Articles

How Strong Are Your Glutes, Really?

Swiss Ball Exercises for Figure Athletes


Other Article Interviews

All Things Strength


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Audio Interviews


The Fitcast Episode #141

The Fitcast Episode #158

The Strength Coach Podcast episode #26

The Strength Coach Podcast – Is Flexion Bad?

The In the Trenches Fitness Podcast #11


Featured in the New York Times Best Selling Book: The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises – pg.144


Featured in the New York Times Best Selling Book: The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises – pg.144


Gain Muscle, Burn Fat: Featured workout article on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine, April 2010: pg.99-106


More Gain, No Pain: article featured in Men’s Health magazine, May 2010 – pg.59


The Superior Stretch: article featured in Women’s Health magazine, April 2010 – pg.56-57

The 10-Ton workout: Expert contributor, Muscle & Fitness magazine, August 2010

A Neck Above the Rest:  article featured in FIGHT! magazine,June 2010 – pg.68


Add One Inch to Your Arms: article featured in Men’s Fitness magazine, August 2010 – pg.32


The Metabolic Edge: article featured in Men’s Health magazine, August 2010 – pg.58

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