July 2014

In Washington DC,  July 31- August 3, teaching a PreCon and classes at the DCAC International Fitness Convention

August 2014

In Beitostølen, Norway on Aug 13-117th, teaching at the AFPT Convention

In Del Ray Beach, FL on Aug 22nd,  teaching at ECA Thrive

In Miami Beach, FL on Aug 23rd, teaching at the EFX Fitness Sports Expo

September 2014

In Maui, Hi on Sept 4-7th, teaching at the Ritz-Carlton Fitness and Wellness Event.

In Montreal, CAN on Sep 20th, teaching at MOVE with Brad Schoenfeld

October 2014

In Washington DC, on Oct 2-4th, teaching at the NSCA Personal Trainers Conference

In San Francisco, CA on Oct 18-19th, teaching at the Nor-Cal Fitness Summit


In Tampa, FL on Nov 7th, teaching at Shapes Fitness for Women