How to build a Bigger, Strong Upper Body w/ Bad Shoulders

I feel like I don’t know where my home is or what my girlfriend looks like anymore.

My endless pursuit of education has had me traveling back and forth for weeks now. Today is no exception because in a few hours I’m leaving for New York to attend a Mark Comerford workshop about the Shoulder.


Comerford is one of my go to resources for technical education these days. He always manages to deliver the latest and best information on training and rehabilitation. 


 I’m sure this time around will be no different.


I plan on returning with lots of new ideas and concepts to share with you here on future posts.


In todays post, I’m continuing on with the Joint friendly training theme.


The exercise featured in the video below is called the Angled Press.  It’s a great way to build a bigger, stronger chest and shoulders even if you have shoulder issues.