The Truth About The Y,T,W,L Shoulder Circuit

The Y,T,W,L shoulder circuit is just about everywhere you look these days. Almost every “in the know” coach and trainer is talking about how important it is for posture, muscle balance and overall shoulder health.


The Truth is, they are RIGHT!


The Y,T,W,L circuit is great for all of that. However, the application everyone is using could use some tweaking.


This week I will be focusing specifically on how to improve this popular shoulder protocol.


In my upcoming posts, I will be addressing


– what letter (Y,T,W,L) should be eliminated and why


– The best and worst positions to perform this circuit from. This will surprise you!


– The correct rep range for using shoulder protocols like  Y,T,W,L’s. Its not what you think!


– How most athletes are compensating/ cheating while performing Y,T,W,L’s and why coaches aren’t able to catch it.


– The (REAL)  correct way to position your scapula’s during the shoulder circuit


– And a few more improvements that I can’t think of at the moment. 🙂



Your Y,T,W,L Order is Off!


To kick things off, I’m going to talk about order of events.


This tweak is small but it makes a big difference.


I’m not one to beat around the bush so here it is…


Do L’s first!


Why you ask?


Because L’s are the toughest/ weakest aspect of the movement.


It only makes sense to do the weakest movement first doesn’t it?.


Just because its last letter in the name doesn’t mean it should be last movement in the training application!


If you do L’s last, you are already fatigued and are less likely to keep optimal form and/or reach your goal rep number. This is due to the fact that L’s require the most technique and control over the other letters.


However, by doing L’s first, you assure that you are fresh and able to do them correctly for the set amount of reps and intensity.



As as I mentioned earlier, this is a small tweak that makes for a big difference!


Try it and see for yourself!


Post your comments  and let me  know what you think!



Keep checking back as I will hit you plenty more smarter, more effective ways to perform the Y,T,W,L shoulder circuit in posts shortly to come.