FREE- In The Trenches Fitness Podcast Interview

My good friend and fellow strength coach, Mike Robertson, has recently started doing podcast interviews with some of the worlds top experts in Nutrition, Strength and Sports Performance Enhancement.

He calls these interviews the “In the Trenches Fitness Podcast”

I recently had the pleasure of joining Mike’s elite group of interviewees.

The entire interview is free on itunes. Or, you can go to Mike’s website and listen to here.

In my Podcast interview, you will find out

– why and how I got into the industry

– the biggest influences in my training career

– why “corrective exercise” is something of a myth

– how I improved the standard shoulder circuit to get you healthier than ever before!

Plus, a ton more!

After listening to the interview, be sure to check out Mike’s other Podcast interviews and his Blog posts. Mike’s website has been on my personal “go to” list for a while because he always provides great training information.

Additionally, during my In the Trenches Fitness Interview, I promised to post some videos revealing my new favorite core training protocol.

Those videos are coming very soon so keep checking back!