Go way beyond your “Average” Warm Up – This 3-DVD set takes you step by step through the Performance U Dynamic Warm Up System, used to help clients and athletes ensure optimal performance before they train or compete.


Each DVD displays over 30 exercises – That’s 90+ exercises total!

Each DVD volume presents seamlessly integrated Muscle activation, Dynamic mobility & CNS activation exercise sequences performed in a progressive from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced applications.

Warm up Progressions Vol. 1: Muscle Activation

This volume clearly demonstrates how to use muscle activation progressions to activate lagging muscles, correct muscle imbalances and ensure optimal neuromuscular recruitment. Includes real time sequences and bonus activation exercises.

Warm up Progressions Vol. 2: Dynamic Mobility

This volume clearly demonstrates how to use dynamic mobility progressions to increase flexibility and joint ROM while improving both fundamental and athletic movement patterns. Includes real time sequences and bonus mobility exercises.

Warm up Progressions Vol. 2: CNS Activation

In this DVD you’ll discover:

– How to consistently improve and refine coordination each time you warm up .

– How to turn a simple jumping jack into a great coordination building exercise.

– Why you may want to warm up in reverse!

– How to turn a simple body weight squat into an effective CNS activation move.

– CNS dominant Core Training: Why we use it with every athlete and why.

– Plus, much more!

You get over 90 total exercise progressions and regressions to accommodate all fitness levels and abilities.


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