Bodyweight Exercise – Push Up Complex for More Muscle and Strength

There is a multitude of great exercises out there. But, few as simple, effective and versatile as the Push-Up.

Here at Performance U, we use some form of Push Ups to develop strength, power, muscle size, endurance and even core stability, spinal health and postural awareness.

In this post, I’d like to show you a push up drop set I developed to accommodate the needs of my physique and strength athletes.

The Push Up drop set in the video is one version we commonly use on high rep days for both our male and female athletes. That said, this drop set is also great for the folks or want to increase their relative body strength or get to the 100 push up mark.

That said, for the folks who just like a new challenge or love to feel a killer pump, this drop set delivers big!

As you will see in the video below, Alli Mckee is wearing a 20lb weighted vest. Alli is very strong and needs the additional load to challenge her on her higher rep days which see discusses more in-depth here.

Don’t forget to check Alli’s Blog for more real world figure and physique training information.

For those who are not as strong on the push up as Alli. Simply perform the same drop set with out using additional load.

There is no set rep range for this drop-set. We simply crank out reps until your pace slows significantly and you only have 2-3 reps left before failure. At this point, you switch to the next, easier push up variation as you will see on the video.

In my next post, I will hit you with another killer push up drop set that will humble even your biggest, strongest male athletes.

Plus, this next push up sequence is great to use in your quest to increase that Bench Press max!

Stay tuned!