Tight Rotation 2.0 – New Functional Core Training Exercise

A few years ago we popularized the Tight Rotation exercise through the Men’s Health magazine website as “the worlds newest abs exercise“. We then followed up with a level 2 progression and a level 3 progression of the Tight Rotation exercise. Additionally, fellow Strength Coach Dewey Nielsen also displayed a very cool version of the Tight Rotation using a water ball.


Since first developing the Tight Rotation exercise, we’ve made a few changes to the original way we first taught it.


Check out the video below to discover the newer, safer and more effective Tight Rotation exercise – the Tight Rotation 2.o!



The benefit of the Tight Rotation core exercise is that it builds a fast, reactive torso that can transfer torque (rotary force) from one side of the body to the other, from a standing (functional) position.  Static trunk exercise are great too. But it’s exercises like the Tight Rotation, which teach your “core”  muscles how to function at high-speeds, coordinate with your hips and deal with momentum.



More New Exercises Coming Soon!

Coming up soon, I’ve got video revealing the newest Anke Mobility exercise we’ve been using here at Performance U. And, I’ll also show you how to progress your Pallof Press to the new, Pallof Press 2.o!