ALL About ABS – FREE Abs Training Webinar & 2 Ways to Test Your Abs Strength!

Todays post is a double whammy of Abs training awesomeness!


FREE ABS Training Webinar!


Go here to watch Jonathan Ross’s FREE “Abs Reveal Webinar.”


If you don’t currently know of Jonathan Ross, you should since he’s the 2010 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, Discovery Fit & Health Fitness Expert, TRX Master Trainer, Exercise TV’s 2008 Best Personal Trainer and  the ACE Personal Trainer of the Year!


Jonathan also recently wrote the fantastic book titled Abs Revealed: Programs for Six-Pack Success.


Click here to watch Jonathan’s Abs Revealed: Programs for Six-Pack Success Webinar absolutely FREE!

I also have to thank Jonathan for the creative inspiration behind my article titled “The Single Best Ab Exercise You Can Do“, which appeared on the front page of, and the video from the article on the front page of!



2 Ways to Test Your Abs Strength and Core Stability


In the August 2011 issue of Oxygen magazine, I wrote an article, which provided 5 tests that women can use immediately to see if their workouts are actually translating strength-wise. You can view the specifics of each test in my Oxygen – Test Your Fitness article here.



In addition to the 5 tests that were published in the magazine. There are two more tests, which are abs strength and stability tests – you can get access to those free tests here at Oxygen’s website.


Girls (and guys)  Sure your six-pack is rockin’ but is it strong and stable? Use these two tests to find out!


Go here to see the two tests. Try each abs test and let me know how your abs strength and core stability measure up!