My Top 2 Old-School Shoulder Mobility Exercises & Shoulder Warm Ups

In this post, I covered some of my favorite old-school hip mobility drills, which you’ve probably forgotten about. In today’s post, I’m covering my TOP 2 Old-School Shoulder Mobility Exercises and Shoulder Warm Ups.


These two shoulder mobility drills (below) have been a regular part of my workouts since middle-school. And, they’ve been battle-tested effective with our clients and athletes here at Performance U, and for decades before I ever even came along. That said, for some reason these old-school shoulder warm ups seem to have fallen out of the general practice of today’s fitness professional. I hope my posts on old-school hip mobility drills and today’s post on shoulder mobility drills inspire you to bring these fantastic drills back to life in your own fitness training as we’ve done here!



Arm Swings (aka Arm Circles) – Performance U Style!


Check out the video and see how I’ve updated these old-school arm circles to make them an even better shoulder mobility exercise and warm up!





T-Arm Swings


As you’ll see in the video tutorial below – This is not only a great shoulder mobility exercise, it’s also a fantastic dynamic chest stretch and rotary warm up for improving hip internal rotation (in the standing position)!




If you enjoyed today’s post – Go to this post to see video of one of my full upper-body warm up routines, which incorporates the two old-school moves you learned about today!