A Better way to do Chin Ups/ Pull Ups, Deadlifts and Self Myofascial Release!

In today’s post I’m introducing you to two great, up and coming trainers that I learn from.

First up, I’ve got Baseball conditioning specialist Dan Blewett with a great video showing you why Straight Bar Chin Up and Pulls may no be that good. And, a simple way to make then better for all athletes.

Then, I’ve got Capt. Canada Adrian Crowe talking about his perspective on how to make deadlifts safer and Self Myofascial release techniques.

A Better Way to do Chin Ups and Pull ups with Dan Blewett

Dan interned with me a few years ago. Since that time he’s continued to work hard, which has helped him to make it as a professional baseball pitcher and as an accomplished baseball conditioning coach helping a multitude of athletes. Dan even helped me to teach a recent strength training workshop in his home state of Illinois.

Dan is some one who I think any fitness professional could learn from. If you’re into Baseball, Dan is a must know resource. So check out his website and be sure to read his article titled “26 Things I’ve learned to this point.” And, subscribe to his Youtube channel.

Plus, he gets my awesome company Tee shirt award!


Deadlifts and Self Myofascial Release with Adrain Crowe

Adrian and I finally met in person when I was teaching in Vancouver BC this past Nov.  He showed me a very cool tweak on one of our abdominal exercises that I liked so much I had him teach it to the class.

Here’s Adrian on why he feels you should drop your deadlifts at the top.

Adrian also wrote a very comprehensive article series on Self Myofascial release techniques here. And, don’t forget to subscribe to his Youtube channel.


We’re all new at some point!

I’m very confident that the future holds big things for Dan Blewett and Adrian Crowe. And, it’ll be very well deserved when it does. Keep checking out what these two guys put out because it always inspires me, and I know it’ll do the same for you!