The 7/4/7 Protocol – A new Rep scheme for new muscle gains!

Regardless of your training goal, the keys to success in training are:





The 7/4/7 protocol is a rep scheme that’s specifically designed to increase muscle and strength. And, you can immediately apply this protocol to almost any exercise to increase workout intensity and add variety to your training!

Although the 7/4/7 rep scheme concept has nothing to do with the 747 airplane. Except that it just makes the numbers easier to remember – I thought this would be a great opportunity to share these 100% REAL pictures of 747s landing in St.Maarten airport.


The Basic 7/4/7 Concept

I originally learned the basic 7-4-7 protocol concept from Coach Robert Taylor, the owner of Smarter Team Training, who’s used it for years with the elite athletes he trains. And, he learned the protocol from long-time NFL Strength Coach Mark Asanovich while at the time was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So just like everything I share with you here at, this training concept has been battle-tested and proven effective with some of the best athletes.

Here’s Coach Rob Taylor discussing the basic 7-4-7 concept and demonstrating how you can use it.


Check out the FREE audio interview I recently did with Coach Taylor on his website here, or on itunes!

In this interview I discuss a bit of everything from my favorite books to functional training concepts that we use and don’t use.



The Performance U – Hybrid 7/4/7 Protocol

You know me well enough by now to understand that I’m trying to make great training concepts even better. Check out how we’ve tweaked the 7-4-7 protocol to create our own hybrid sets that squeeze even more juice out of an already effective and versatile training concept!


Here’s our Hybrid 7/4/7 Push Up workout Protocol


And, here’s how to do our Hybrid 7/4/7 Squat workout protocol!



Additional Coaching Tips:

– Our Hybrid 7/4/7 sets intentionally break the rules of “Strength before Power” work because we aren’t trying to peak power here. Instead, we’re simply going for a new metabolic training stimulus.


– The 7/4/7 concepts can work great for gaining some muscle size!


– It’s also a great way to spice up your workouts and keep things interesting!