The popularity of my original Hybrid 747 Workout method post; my follow up post covering 747 Back Workouts; and of the 747 Overload Protocol article I wrote for have far exceeded anything I ever expected. But, it goes to show that word spreads quick about good training concepts.

In today’s post I’m hitting you two (more) hybrid complexes we developed using the 747 workout method to build a stronger and better-looking lower-body that won’t quit!

Hybrid 747 Workout Protocol: Steps Ups

Hybrid 747 Workout Protocol: RDLs

Note on Deanna’s (Extended) Neck Postion during her Deadlifts: Some people are very militant about keeping one specific type of neck position when deadlifting. However, at Performance U, we’ve found some people feel stronger (and more comfortable) when they look up, others when they look down, while others prefer somewhere in the middle. This makes perfect sense to us since our clients come in all different shapes, sizes & abilities; and we would NOT expect them all to move in the same manner.

We’re all for controlled form, but we don’t believe in a one size fits all form any more than we believe in a one size fits all training program. In other words, we believe “good form” is a moving target – We don’t get caught up in obsessing over one particular “magic bullet” approach because of the sheer lack of scientific and anecdotal evidence that we should.

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