Bodyweight Butt Workout: The Butt Blaster Circuit

We developed the Performance U Butt Blaster Circuit as a comprehensive bodyweight butt workout protocol to help our clients and athletes get a great glute workout in little time, and build better looking, more athletic glutes that won’t quit!

The Butt Blaster Circuit consists of the following four bodyweight glute exercises, performed back-to-back:

1) Hip Thrusts 1-Leg  x8-12 per leg

2) Leaning Bulgarian Split Squats x8-12 per leg

3) Anterior Lunges (alternating) x16-24 total

4) Deadlift Jumps or Anterior lean Scissor Jump  x8-12

Check out this video of Figure athlete Stacey Schaedler and I showing you how to perform the Butt Blaster Circuit:



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