Outdoor Bodyweight Workouts: Primal Conditioning Combos

There’s nothing better than training outside using the best piece of fitness equipment ever invented: the Human body!

Today’ you’ll get to see how we combine crawling patterns with locomotive drills to create fun, outdoor bodyweight conditioning workouts.


One of the growing training trends is primal crawling patterns, which we’re excited about because we’ve been doing that stuff since high-school wrestling practice.

Crawling patterns have been used in wrestling and grappling sports for sometime now. Check out this clip of one of my favorite 80’s movies (about wrestling): Vision Quest and you’ll see them doing “primal” crawling drills.

Primal Movement Conditioning

First off, lets establish that any movement humans do can be considered a “primal movement” since the first (primal) humans weren’t just crawling, they were running, throwing, climbing, etc. We just like using the term “primal” because it sounds cool and people get excited to do cool sounding stuff!

Our Primal Conditioning Circuits

For conditioning purposes – to finish off a weight-training workout to get an express metabolic workout – we like to combine various crawling patterns with various standing locomotive patterns as shown in these two videos:

Outdoor Bodyweight Workout: Combo 1

Outdoor Bodyweight Workout: Combo 2

Personal Training Tips on Primal Bodyweight Conditioning:

– Since these are done for conditioning purposes, we’ll do circuits like this for up to 10 minutes of non-stop action.

– In our primal locomotion conditioning circuits, we included 4-5 different crawling patters and let our clients mix them up as they wish during the work time. We also allow the client to choose their own standing linear or lateral locomotion exercises as well.

– To save the upper-body and wrists, we’ll usually crawl for around 10 yards and do the standing locomotive drills from around 30 yards.

– If you have bad wrists,elbows or shoulders, you may not be able to using crawling patterns.

– We let everyone move at their pace and make sure clients don’t try to race one another and lose movement control (form) for speed.

My Primal beach Workout in Maui

I just returned from a working vacation where (for the second time) I had the honor of teaching the awesome fitness staff at the Ritz Carlton in Maui, Hawaii.

While at the beach in Maui, I had did my own little primal workout. Check out this short clip: