Chin Ups – Best Chin Up Grip Width

In our travels teaching Performance U fitness continuing education workshops around the world, we’ve found that although personal trainers, strength coaches and athletes know how to do chin-ups, they still don’t understand how to determine the best chin up grip width for each individual.

You see, in “personal training” everyone really does the same exercises – We all do chin-ups, squats, deadlifts, push-ups, etc. BUT,  it’s the unique WAY you (should) do the exercises (based on YOUR own unique body’s design) that makes them “personalized”.

In today’s video, which is a clip taken from our new Secrets of Back Training 2-DVD set we’re showing you how we (quickly and easily) find the best chin up grip width for each of our clients and athletes in order to optimize their chin-up strength and to help them perform chin-ups in the safest and most effective manner (for their body).

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How to Find Your Best Chin-Up Grip Width!

Now, your arms certainly won’t explode if you decide to use a wider or more narrow grip (hand placement) when doing chin-ups. In other words, no one is saying that “it’s dangerous to use any other chin up grip”, or that “you should never do chin ups any other way.”  This post is simply sharing the simple, sensible and practical method we’ve used at Performance U to determine (what we’ve found to be) the most optimal (i.e. best) chin up grip width for each individual.

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