Secrets of Back Training 2-DVD Set

Back Training is one of the most important aspects for achieving optimal muscle balance, a better physique and improved performance. Yet it remains one of the most misunderstood areas of training with far too many common mistakes made by fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts alike. That is, until now…

The Secrets of Back Training 2-DVD set represents the most comprehensive resource on the Best Back Exercises, Workout Design and Training Strategies ever assembled to help you Build a Bigger, Stronger, More Well-Balanced and Great Looking Back!

In the Secrets of Back Training 2-DVD set – You’ll Discover:

–       Over 50 of the Best Back-building Exercises for your Lats, Middle & Lower Traps, Rhomboids and even Rear-Delts.

–       How to get better results from classic back exercises along with many new moves for new muscle.

–       The Best way to do chin-ups and pull-ups!

–       Hybrid Back Exercises: The missing link to your Back-training!

–       The Best rowing variations (you’re not doing) for developing your mid-back muscles.

–       Simple Assessments for choosing the right (and wrong) back exercises for you!

–       How to improve your Pull-Ups and Pull-Downs by instantly increasing Lat muscle activation.

–       Why you’re probably doing Dumbbell Rows Wrong. And, the quick form fix for better results.

–       Coach Nick’s Top 2 Back Blasting Protocols

–       And many more innovative, battle-tested, back-building methods you can instantly use to enhance your back workouts in the gym or at home!

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 You’ll also get 9 Additional Back Training Bonus Videos!

BONUS VIDEO #1 – How to set up the “Perfect” Back Workout

BONUS VIDEO #2 – Should You Deadlift on Back day?

BONUS VIDEO #3 – Back Training for Size & Strength: The Best Sets, Reps & Tempo

BONUS VIDEO #4 – Back Training for More Core Strength & Spinal Stability

BONUS VIDEO #5 – The Truth about Lower Trapezius Activation Exercises

BONUS VIDEO #6 – How to use “Diverting” Back Exercises to enhance recovery between sets

BONUS VIDEO #7 – Should You Retract Your Shoulders Blades when doing Rows?

BONUS VIDEO #8 – Optimal Back Training Ratios

BONUS VIDEO #9 – Coaches Nick’s Single Best Tip for Improving Your Chin-ups & Pull-ups!

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