12 Things Not To Say To a Women At The Gym

I recently received this as an email from one of my (very fit) female clients, Leah. I had to share it (with her permission, of course) here on the blog.

Here’s the email Leah sent me:

“My husband was with me in the gym the other night when somebody came over and asked me about my weight and we got to talking about all the things people have said that would just not be okay in any other setting. So, I’ve compiled a list (for entertainment) of some of the things that I have randomly been asked or told that would never be appropriate to say to a female except in the context of being in a gym, and even then they’re questionable.”

1. About muscle gains: How much weight have you gained?

2. How much do you weigh?

3. How old are you?

4. Your legs have gotten thick!

5. Your glutes have gotten much fuller. (Translation: You are getting a big ass.)

6.  Nice glute-ham tie in! 

7. Nice pecs! Great striations! Can you bounce them?

8. Can I see your lower abs? 

9. You must eat a lot!?

10. You should wrap a set of chains around you when you do that.

11. Wow, you’re not young! How do you do that?

12.  And last, but definitely not least: You have doubled in size since the last time I saw you!