Strength Training for Fat Loss & Conditioning Course

This course is the most comprehensive collection of metabolic strength training combinations, complexes and circuits ever assembled – With over 100 metabolic protocols using Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, cables & resistance bands, the Landmine, the Core Bar and even bodyweight exercises for accelerating metabolism, reducing body fat and improving work capacity!


Put simply, the Strength Training For Fat Loss course is the essential guide for trainers and coaches to design metabolic strength training programs that allow clients and athletes to burn fat without sacrificing muscle or strength.

 You’ll Discover

– Over 100 innovative Metabolic Strength training protocols.

– Beginner, intermediate and advanced progressions to challenge all levels.

– Highly effective strategies for implementing combinations, complexes and circuits into any training program.

– The Performance U approach to design strength training circuits for maximum fat loss.

– How to turn almost any piece of strength training equipment into an extremely effective fat loss tool

– How to build superior conditioning using both common and uncommon strength training protocols

– And much more!

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