The Best Personal Trainer Regulation Is Self Regulation

Recently I posted on Facebook about how I’m not in support of having more regulation in personal training. That post sparked some serious conversation and quite a few different viewpoints which led me to make the following video to clarify a few things.

In this video discussion with my good friend and colleague, Mike Israetel, we chatted about the benefits of personal trainer regulation and why the unintended consequences of personal trainer regulation will likely cause more problems than it solves.

In this video you’ll hear us do the following:

– Clarify the misconceptions about arguments against added personal trainer regulation.
– Identify which professions personal trainers are most and least like, and why looking at doctors and lawyers is a flawed comparison
– Provide a clear definition of what personal trainer regulation means and would involve
– Address the common arguments given for personal trainer regulation
– List the strongest reasons in favor of regulation
– Highlight the 6 main problems added personal trainer regulation will create
– Discuss what trainers can do to help create more informed consumers
– Discuss what trainers can do to elevate the field