Resources for the Core Training 3-DVD Set

Handouts (Slides)

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Recommended Reading

The Myth of Core Stability, by Dr. Eyal Lederman

The Fall of the Postural–Structural– Biomechanical Model in Manual and Physical Therapies: Exemplified by Lower Back Pain, By Dr. Eyal Lederman

Invited Responses to Dr. Lederman’s The Fall of the PSB Model Paper 

Transversus Training – A Waste of Time in the Gym? ,By Mark Comerford

Clinical Anatomy and Function of Psoas Major and Deep Sacral Gluteus Maximus. In Movement, Stability & Lumbopelvic Pain: Integration of Research and Therapy, By Sean Gibbons


Exercise Tutorial Videos

Below are video tutorials for all of the nontraditional MET, CCT, CLT and Targeted Core exercises discussed in the workshop.

MET Exercises

Med Ball Overhead Throw & Chest Throw with Step (are both demonstrated in this video)

3 Types of Med Ball Rotary Throws

Reverse Scoop Med Ball Throw

Tight Rotations

Hammer Slams (we Recommend using the Sorinex War Hammer)

CLT and CCT Exercises

Push Ups

One Arm Push Ups

One Arm Cable Press

DB Uppercuts

Angled Barbell Presses

Targeted Core Exercises
Medicine Ball Roll out

Swiss Ball Pike Roll Back

Tight Rotations w/ Cable or Band

Pallof Press Linear

Pallof Press Lateral

Barbell Rainbow

Ab Snails